Sandy Feet Lifestyle - Complete Multi with Liver Detox Support

1. Get your Feet in the Sand as often as possible.  Take a walk on the beach; work in your garden barefoot; take a walk in the grass. Grounding our body to the Earth is essential.

2.   Eat a Nutritional Ketogenic WHOLE FOOD DIET. Become "Fat-Adapted" so that you burn fat as fuel (cleaner burning), not sugar, using Real Food for health and longevity.

3.   Walk Every Day.

4.  Seek out Bible-Based Teaching and Worship. Find a healthy church.

5.   Sunshine– Get a Dose Often.

6.   Share Life/Love with family, friends, community.  Laugh, Play, Hug often. 

7.   Exercise your body to move your lymph -- I use a Vibrational Plate, swim, and cycle.

8.   Words are Powerful.  Be mindful of what you are saying.

9.  Sleep.  Get Enough, But Not Too Much.

10. Simplify Your Life.  You may be great at and passionate about 9 or 10 things, but prioritizing and simplifying is best for health and longevity.

SANDY FEET LIFESTYLE promotes a Nutritional Ketogenic diet (High Fat) from Real Food. Slowly reduce carbohydrates (dirty fuel) from your diet and add fat (clean-burning fuel) from real food. Become fat-adapted so that you can burn fat for fuel instead of sugar.  Research and history has proven this is the most beneficial way for human beings  to function.  This eating style can be adopted by anyone.  It can range from All Meat to Raw Vegan and everyone in between.   Click below to find out more.

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